…of how MacCubbin Guitars came to be.

Building guitars for fingerstyle players is the focus of my efforts; storytelling with an instrument’s music and visual presentation is my love.

Following a lifelong pursuit of music and woodworking, I have a great respect for the intricacies of the musical and artistic details in the guitar. Using the skills and knowledge gained from teachers and hands-on experience, each MacCubbin guitar has the perfect balance of playability, tone, sustainability, resonance and has impeccable workmanship – guaranteed.

An April 2015 interview and video by Jon Sham, Baltimore Sun Media Group were posted on the Baltimore Sun / Towson Times website.

Each guitar is one-of-a-kind. So is every customer.

Every instrument tells a story. When commissioned to build a custom guitar, I work closely with the customer throughout the design and build processes – to the player’s structural requirements and to understand their design wishes. Attention is paid to every detail of their guitar – all of the visual and sound qualities of the instrument. Our communications remain open throughout the building process.

My love of creating one-of-a-kind design does not end with creating commissioned guitars, sometimes my personal creativity and love of music tells the story with non-commissioned guitars.

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